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Brokers: Start a valuable conversation with your clients today

Good conversations help develop and sustain great customer relationships. However, in this fast-paced world, how can brokers gain the attention of prospects and the valuable time of existing clients in a way that's both relevant and interesting?


Risk management can be the key that opens the door to your clients, but it’s also difficult to develop and deliver. With TOPRisks, you can now kickstart a great conversation about risks with your customers in a matter of minutes and in a way that will quickly help you spark client acquisition or support retention.

Interested? Watch our explainer video now and then sign-up for a quick on-demand demonstration. Don't delay. We promise TOPRisks will give you a competitive advantage through risk management today...


Predicted Top 5 Risk Needs

1. Management of Health and Safety

2. Premises Security

3. Electrical Safety

4. Common Fire Hazards

5. Fire Protection

Now small-to-medium sized clients can benefit from targeted risk support

Through thousands of site surveys, our team at RiskSTOP has built a vast data record of the risks different classes and sizes of businesses face. This has led us to a point where we can accurately predict, by class and size of business, your commercial client’s Top 5 Risk Needs. And it doesn't end there! Our horizon scanning and evaluation tools mean we can also highlight key emerging risks and common hazards.

This data-led approach strips out the cost of visiting a client, while enabling impactful guidance. Testing has shown that our data alone can now reliably identify around 90% of risk improvements that would normally be highlighted through a traditional risk survey.

What this means is we can now offer brokers a low-cost risk report customised for your SME clients. What a great way to start a conversation!

“An instant 24/7 risk support process.”

Step One

Create your account

Discover pricing plans and create an account now. If you already have an account, please log in here

Step Two

Generate TOPRisks Report

Enter details online to quickly personalise your client’s report and receive instantly

Step Three

Review with client

Share our report and guidance with your client and have a great conversation about risks

Get a demo right now

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View a video demonstration with one of our team today. We'll show you how easy it is to sign up for a TOPRisks account and you'll learn how to order instant, personalised risk reports for your clients and what those reports look like. Find out more now.

Watch our TOPRisks video demonstration...

Order INSTANT client reports

With a pay-monthly or annual broker account you can order instant, personalised risk reports for your clients today.

You'll have access to an online Account Manager and we'll regularly update you with new and exciting developments to keep you informed and your clients engaged.

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