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Pricing Plans

​With our data-driven approach and personalised service, we can help you win business, retain clients and differentiate yourself from competitors. See our three optional pricing plans below and simply click to get started. Don't hesitate, your first 30 days are entirely risk free!

Pay Annually

£1,800 per branch / year
(including VAT)

Our annual pricing plan is for brokers who will use our service throughout the year. By signing up to this plan, you'll pay less over 12 months. 

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Do you have a large number of branches across the country? Would you like to work with us in a more bespoke way? Let's chat about it...   

Pay Monthly

£165 per branch / month
(including VAT)

Our pay-monthly pricing plan is designed to suit the needs of smaller brokers, who may wish to pause and restart their access at any time. 

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IMPORTANT: Please note that subscriptions are per branch of broker, not per company.

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